Agency for foreign rights, film, television and radio for ”Bloodbound” and ”Snowstorm”: Hedlund Agency.

Agency for theatre rights: Margareta Petersson Agent & Produktion 

Augustin Erba’s essay in the Swedish anthology Mission: Fatherhood (2004) got outstanding reviews. In May 2009 he published his first novel in Swedish: ”The Bridges of Solitude” (”Ensamhetens broar”) at Albert Bonniers Förlag. Albert Bonniers Förlag is not only one of the oldest publishing houses in Sweden, it is also considered the finest.

The reviews on ”The Bridges of Lonliness” were overwhelmingly positive and the novel won a Reader’s Award.

On this website Augustin has published some essays on the life of a writer  – ”Writing a Book is Like Falling in Love” and ”We’re Just a Writer”.

In 2010 he published book on journalism based on his workshops: ”Så blir du en bättre journalist (och gladare),  ”How to become a better journalist (and happier)” (Norstedts). After being responsible for developing new programs at the Swedish Broadcasting Corporation, SBC (Sveriges Radio), Augustin worked for the CEO, where he was involved in the strategic and long-time planning for SBC. In 2012 he was praised for his participation in an anthology about mothers: ”Mother, mom, mommy”.

In 2012 Augustin Erba began collaborating with Stina Oscarson, the head of Drama at the Swedish Broadcasting Corporation. The collaboration resulted in a series of short plays that were broadcasted every day in 2013. The plays were inspired by people who, through history, have risked their lives for democracy, freedom of speech and human rights. Augustin Erba wrote 250 of the short plays and directed all of them.

Augustin Erbas plays attracted an audience that usually did not listen to radio theatre and got nationwide media attention. One media outlet called it ”one of the biggest cultural events this year” and Swedens most prominent paper, DN, urged readers to spend rainy summer Sundays listening to the series online. The actors in the plays came from all over Sweden, as Augustin Erba tried to find new voices and new locations. He dislikes recording in studios, so most of the plays were recorded on location. The plays were broadcasted all over Sweden, in P1, which is the Public Service station aimed at adults and the second most popular radio channel in most of Sweden. The series was called ”The History of the World”. The series got nominated to the prestigious Prix Europa and to Stora Radiopriset, which is the finest prize for Radio shows in Sweden. Out of Sweden’s ten million inhabitants over two million had listened to Augustin Erba’s series.

After Augustin Erba had, as far as he could tell, exhausted the possibilities of Radio Drama, having written what equaled fifteen full feature films worth of manuscripts, he decided to return to journalism. He delivered yet another smash hit as producer at the radio series Sommar, a well known Swedish show where up and coming or already famous Swedes speak about their lives. He produced some of the shows that got the highest ratings and most shares on social media. He then went on to become the head of the newsroom at Ekot. At the Swedish Broadcasting Corporation, Ekot is the main news producer and has millions of listeners every day. Among his responsibilities at Ekot was to merge Radio Sweden with Ekot, develop a live-team and modernize the digital content at sverigesradio.se which is one of the biggest media sites in Sweden.

In October 2015 Augustin Erbas second novel was published, and again he chose the publisher Albert Bonniers Förlag. Title: ”Blodsbunden”, which is somewhat similar to the English word ”Blood Bound”. It got magnificent reviews: Swedens biggest morning paper Dagens Nyheter wrote that it would get ”many, many readers”, the second biggest morning paper in Stockholm, SvD, said in the review’s headline that Augustin Erba was ”The Epic Writer Sweden Has Been Waiting For.” The reviewer at the Kulturnytt, the biggest cultural radioshow in Sweden, said that she cried and was touched deeper by this novel, than she had been for a very long time. ”Blodsbunden” came in paperback in the summer of 2016.

”Blodsbunden” was published in German by Ullstein Buchverlage in 2018 under the title ”Die auffällige Merkwürdigkeit des Lebens” and got a very positive review in Der Spiegel. The audiobook was nominated for ”Novel of the year” at Storytel.

In 2017 Augustin Erba was recruited by the most prestigious newspaper in Sweden, Dagens Nyheter. He is presently the editor of the Saturday Edition – Lördagsmagasinet.

”Snowstorm” became the love story everybody wanted to read in 2020. It topped the charts in summer and became a bestseller.

His latest novel is ”The Sufferings of Young Walter” a comedy about a mid level manager at a small bank who gets promoted beyond not only his competence, but also his ambition. It was called hilarious by some of Sweden’s most prominent literary critics.

Both these recent works are published at Albert Bonniers förlag.

In 2022 he was receuited to become Publishing director for Piratförlaget, one of Sweden’s major publishers.

Again changing genre he is debuting writing YA fiction for Rabén & Sjögren. In march 2023 the first novel in a series of three was published, titled ”The Yellow Light”. Part two and three in the series called ”The Lost City” will be published within the year.

Augustin Erba is 55 years old and writes his novels in a room overlooking some wooden cottages in the center of Stockholm. He is currently at work on his fifth adult novel and – finally – returning to playwriting with a play.